I design and build joined up customer experiences. My expertise includes strategy, branding, digital and print.

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Mike is an exceptional graphic designer. I can't count the number of times I have relied on him to make a project successful - because time after time Mike finds a way to make improvements, add something different and interpret things in a way few others can.

Mike is one of those rare designers who creates things based on what they need to achieve, rather than because they look pretty. His solutions are always well considered, effective, and of course beautifully designed. He's also one of the most organised people I have ever worked with and is brilliant at leading projects and keeping things focussed.

Mike and I have crossed paths at several times in our careers. Every time I have been mightily impressed with his ability to combine an eye for design detail with a view on the bigger problem that his work is attempting to solve. It might sound simple, but this is a rare combination to find in someone.

Paul Davies, Director at Behaviour (Now part of Etch UK)

Mike is the best digital designer that we have used at Subzero. His passion for design can be seen in the work that he produces and his knowledge in the area is second to none.

I had a pleasure to work with Mike on numerous projects. Mike is not just a graphic designer but a prolific strategist and a project manager. He is always focused on finding optimal and innovative ways of achieving any project's objective. I consider Mike and his skills a valuable asset for any project.