Assisted living for independence

A fresh face for a cutting-edge provider of telecare and telehealth services in Cornwall.

Projects completed during my time as Lead Designer at Made Open.
January 2017

Identity development

Designed to be friendly and welcoming in an arena typically associated with fear and frailty. The Alfi mark represents someone being enveloped in helpful technology. The graphic waves serve as an anchor across all materials with the main focus being the photos of real people using the technology.

February 2017

Wayfinding / Offices

Creation of a high impact sign to welcome visitors as they exited the lift at the Alfi offices. Supported by a clear wayfinding system with bespoke icons for all routes and rooms. Office spaces were brought to life with on brand graphics and illustration that guide you through the space. Finished with photos of the telecare and telehealth devices being used at corridor junctions.

March 2017

Event stand

As primary sponsor for the Falmouth Tallships event, the team at Alfi wanted to make an impression with their stand. A unique wooden framed structure was designed with hanging boards on two sides that let light through and a series of vinyl wrapped plinths were used to showcase the telecare and telehealth devices.

April 2017

Service literature

Alfi's services required lots of paperwork and duplicates. The new literature was designed with NCR (non-carbon copy) paper so that it could be generated in one go. Onboarding literature also included a patient information guide that would have critical info written on the cover and a small library of A5 guides for each device.