WG Ltd

Building the difference

Challenging negative perceptions about an industry by delivering a first class construction project experience.

January 2017


Design and front end build of a fully responsive brochureware website. Includes an in-depth enquiry form to gather key information and targeted landing pages for keywords. A collaborative project with Subzero. Copywriting by Amy Lambert.

January 2017

Service Design

A selection of service design processes were undertaken to act as a launch pad for future projects. This included completing a service model canvas and creating customer journey maps and service blueprints.

April 2017

Brand development

Following the service design processes, we established brand and identity guidelines. These covered everything from the core belief at the heart of WG Ltd through to the tone and language staff should use in communications. Copywriting by Amy Lambert.

February 2017


As well as all conventional stationery, a comprehensive set of templated GSuite documents and email texts were created. The set covered all early communications with leads right through to the point they signed a contract and become a client. Copywriting by Amy Lambert.

March 2017

Sales pack

To help improve lead conversion a sales pack was developed that demonstrated WG Ltd's attention to detail. The pack included a short brochure, confirmation of all known project information, sketch sheets, a checklist for the initial site meeting and a fridge magnet. All packaged up in an expandable file and posted in branded blue mailing bags. Copywriting by Amy Lambert.

March 2017


A small series of pixel perfect graphic illustrations/icons created to be unobtrusive when used in the same space as their beautiful project photography. Animated and static illustrations for christmas ecard mailings were also created.

April 2017

G Suite

Bespoke construction project management systems built within Google's GSuite. Streamlining back office functions with smart spreadsheets, automated tasks, automatic file generation and daily inbox reporting.